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Crazy Frog Racing has grow this year by leaps and bounds!! We have a new drivers, new cars and expect this year to be the best yet!! As with last year, we will have members competing at events in several regions of the SCCA.  We also are going to recruit new members to the team by the first events. Also look for some changes to the current members profiles. There are a few vehicle changes, as well as class changes. Keep checking the individual team member pages for info. We also will be attempting a point system to award prizes at year end.  Details are still being worked out to make fair for the members not competing on national level. If you are interested in becoming a team member, fill out the application and the senior members will review and be in contact.


We will use this space for the latest info on the news that affects the team.

We have started the restoration of a retired ITA 1975 Mazda RX3. It has been stored for a few years and needed some updates and cleaning. 

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